Return & Refund Policy

Luxury Auction do not issue any refunds for any item sold during the auction.

24 HOUR GUARANTEE – All items sold under the 48 Hour Guarantee at auction are guaranteed for their ’Sold On approval’ and customer must agree to pay the remaining balance or agree to pay remaining balance in 48 hours. If customer doesn’t respond in 48 hours, Luxury Auction guarantee sold on approval item will be null and void.

OPERATIONAL –The information that we have on pure sale/buy now item is that it was operational immediately prior to auction. However, these items have no warranty, and are sold as it is. There will be absolutely no refunds or chargebacks allowed. All sales are final. There will be no refunds, chargebacks, or credit issued for this item after auction.

UNTESTED –Luxury Auction is unable to test this item in pure sale/ on approval/ buy now category. Preview is recommended to customer. There will be no refunds, chargebacks, or credit issued for this item after auction.

ON-SITE AUCTIONS– On-Site Auctions have limited pick-up days (2) and times due to having limited access. If NOT picked-up in the specified time frames, items will be forfeited without refund or credit.

Luxury Auction will deduct 1,000 AED from customer credit/ debit card to let the customer participate in auction. This amount will be reversed the same credit/debit card from where the transaction initiated with a deduction of 13 AED. Remaining amount may take from 5 - 15 days or more to be reflected back on your credit/ debit card (depending on your financial institution). This timing is dependent on your bank and/or card issuer as we process your refund request within 1 business day from the day (usually on the same business day).

TERMS OF THIS CONTRACT– Luxury Auction Reserves the right to change this agreement during or after the auction, as unforeseen circumstances arise and must be dealt with accordingly. Luxury Auction also reserves the right to postpone, extend, or cancel any auction, bid, or items in auction at anytime with out prior notice. If a lot is offered subject to a reserve. By bidding, you agree that Luxury Auction gets the final say so in any disputes that may arise.