Terms and Conditions

Your reference, note that the rules and regulations contained in this agreement can not be used against the "Luxury Auction," but due to it such as the Convention governing the relationship between all relevant parties the site, note that any ambiguity in a regulation or a misunderstanding can not be refuted in a negative impact on the interest of any of the parties. Can not resort to any regulations or laws other than regulations and laws set forth by the "Luxury Auction," below, but the event occurred Executive Director of the company confirms its commitment to the regulations and other laws, note that any agreement is signed by the authorized official, either verbally or in writing, not necessary to "Luxury Auction" any responsibilities or legal obligations. Recommend "Luxury Auction," all participants and members to read the regulations and laws governing its relationship with its customers, since customers are to continue the registration process, including approval of all of the Provisions of the regulations of the laws of nature proceed with the relationship between the parties.

All bidders must haveLuxuryAuction Apps updated regularly and make sure to have the latest version ofLuxuryAuction Apps before bidding, Luxury Auction is not responsible of missing any information or any changes at the services if Apps are not up to date by the users. 

All transactions will be conducted in Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED). Luxury Auction is not liable for any loss due to conversion between currencies and/or loss due to bank transfers between differing currencies.

A penalty of 1000 AED will be applied against each bounced cheque.

Luxury Auction shall not guarantee the sell of the items as it will be sold on approval.

The securitydeposit (blocked amount before bidding) shall be reverses as per the registration name in the same credit card from where it has been blocked in case of bid loss.

The lot will be registered only for the account owner

As per the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) Law No. 8/2017 published by the Government of the UAE, Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added to all auction prices (where applicable) and all charges including administration fees, fines, storage fees export and delivery fees.

Eligibility of VAT on auction final price is in accordance to the provider's obligations of the FTA's regulations.

All items shall be sold, as is, in their location. Luxury Auction does not guarantee any of the declarations, specifications, information and/or particulars.The bidder is responsible for checking all data, advertisements and information related to the state of the item, before bidding

All Bidders must check the watches or bags to be purchased well and make sure to match the specifications presented by the Bid All the bidders must check and inspect the products before bidding

The sale is subject to the approval ofLuxury Auction, and the sale procedures may be canceled before the transfer of ownership is completed.

Those wishing to participate in the auctions must deposit a security deposit of 1,000 AED for Luxury Bags and 1,000 AED to Luxury Watches.

Undertake to complete the payment process if you buy any item from Luxury Auction website www.luxuryauction.ae in the event you breach this insurance will be confiscated and legal action to abstain from payment

Each is willing to purchase through our website to register its data and choose a user name and password of its own so that he can use the services of the site

For Dubai Online Auction VAT can be charges will be additional to the winning bid if Luxury Auction falls under the VAT criteria defined by FTA Dubai.

User can raise the value of the auction to bid on items offered for sale through the website, taking into account the value of not less than the minimum bid.

Amount of insurance paid (Blocked Amount) using a credit card is to secure fully refundable if user doesn’t win the bid by the bank to their respective cards.

Any auction conducted on any item in the last 5 minutes of the end time of the item will lead to increase the time the item an average of 5-15 minutes each time

The bidding time is extended only in case any of techincal issues or if a bid toke place at the last minutes of the bidding time to allow other bidders to submit their offers

Should be the winner in one of the item offered for sale to pay for the item / items by check addressed to the Luxury Auction, note that the process of payment must be made within 48 hours on the auction ends.

Full security deposit will be deducted in case if violation Luxury Auction Terms and conditions or in case the client did not paid for the items he won in the auction

Members can own an unlimited number of items offered in the auction

Back the right to use all of the names, trademarks, names and service marks, names, logos and Collectibles images to the owners of the site alone.

Provision of this document all aspects of the Registration Convention concluded between the various parties

Undertake as a member of the site to abide by the instructions below when using the Site on "Luxury Auction": do not violate any laws or any rights or agreements of the parties. Do not use the site if it does not have the legal authority to bid, or if not attained the age of 18, or if you were banned from use of the Site, whether temporary or definitive basis. Complete the process of paying the value of the items that you have purchased. Not be manipulated with respect to the price of the auction or regulations, the obligation not to circumvent the conduct of auctions. Not to be false or incorrect or misleading or that would challenge or discredit any of the parties. Not disturb the site visitors to send materials that inconvenience or damage or spy on any of the parties. Do not send any messages or materials fabricated in the words of "Luxury Auction."

Have the "Luxury Auction," the right to determine or to suspend or terminate any of the services provided by the site, and may prevent users from entering the site or remove any material published on it, or take action electronic or legal to prevent users from entering the site without warning, and that if administration found "Luxury Auction," the need to take any of the procedures listed above for any reason, note that the company has the right to cancel accounts is active or inactive accounts when needed.

The right of the "Luxury Auction" change fees for services provided by the site temporarily, for promotional reasons, or when new services.

Undertake as a user of the site not to use the robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the robot exclusion headers contained in the site without prior permission for any reason.

In addition to the above, undertake not to:

Any activity that would adversely affect the infrastructure of the site. Influence or attempt to influence the functionality of the Site or any activity of its activities. Prevent site users to access, process, or to limit access to a particular class in any way.

You can send complaints via e-mail to the address info@luxuryauction.ae, contents of the site

The mentioned period of receiving the item documents is approximately, Luxury Auction does not hold any responsibility on this period.

Warranty and liability

"Luxury Auction" doesn't ensure to match the item offered for sale at auction the specifications set forth the report of the examination.

Policy retrieval

Should be the winner in one item payments incurred by him after the auction, knowing that he would not be able to retrieve any of the amounts paid in the event of failure to pay the remaining amounts of it, as it may not recover money for the return of item/items purchased.


If you have any comments or complaints about the service provided or goods offered for sale, please contact us immediately at the following email address: info@luxuryauction.ae, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will try to solve your problem within 7 working days, that we are dealing with all complaints honestly and professionally.

Customer privacy policy

All your information is subject to the "Luxury Auction" for privacy, if we collect information from users of the site through the names of participating members only, as is the compilation of statistics regarding the visitors to the site at random reservation for the privacy of users of their information.

Upon successfully creating the delivery request and payment, if the customer is physically not available to sign the items receipt form at the requested location with valid a Emirates Id, then the request will be marked as no show and the customer would have to create and pay for a new delivery request with charges of AED 100 within Dubai, in other Emirates the delivery charges will be 200 AED would be applicable and customer has to first clear the outstanding payment to LUXURY AUCTION before our delivery handover the item to Customer. In case the customer has power of attorney, and wants Luxury Auction to handover the item to him/her an email needs to be sent in advance to info@luxuryauction.ae

The bidder hereby confirms the following:

1. The bidder hereby confirm that all the data are submitted by him/her are correct on his/her responsibility. Also, the bidder confirms that the data provided does not contain any error or confusion.

2. The bidder hereby confirm that, he/her was informed and notified with the rules and provisions of the auction by Luxury Auction LLC, he/her acknowledges that he/her has read and understood these rules and provisions, he/her was familiar with all legal provisions and sanctions on the conduct and results of the auction, and acknowledges, accepts all the consequences of his decision to bid including the actions, procedures, expenses, and due fees and commissions.

Also the bidder acknowledges that he has read and understood these rules and provisions and he was familiar with all legal provisions and sanctions on the conduct and results of the auction

3. All offers and registration procedures are subject to the approvals of the government departments and court. Consequently, Luxury Auction is not liable for any announced dates, conditions, procedures or approvals changed by governmental or judicial orders, procedures or decisions.

4. The bidder exempts Luxury Auction of commitment to any announced dates, conditions, procedures or approvals if the reason behind change is due to orders or actions or governmental and judicial decisions.

5. Luxury Auction entitlement to these fees and commissions does not affect the court itself, the higher level courts, administrative or other governmental authorities’ cancellation, amendment, cessation, termination or annulment of these orders or procedures.

6. The participant acknowledges that the auctioned items are known to him, inspected and valued by him on his own responsibility, experience and sources, without relying on the estimations or advertisements of Luxury Auction and its information or the competent court.

7. The bidder acknowledges that he has the right to participate in the auction and he is not prohibited or restricted by laws or rules or procedures, and he has the right to hand over the cheque as a down payment of the value of the offer.

8. The participant acknowledges that if his offer is accepted, the he will exhibit the original authorization that enables him to finalize the procedures. Furthermore, that the remaining amount shall be immediately deposited within 10 days. He has the right to submit a bank check as an installment of his offer’s value.

9. The participant does not hold Luxury Auction responsible for the refusal of the concern entities to register the items in his name, or for what obstructs that.

10. The entire value is forfeited if the participant breaches the rules of the auction, resulting in the lapse of the selling opportunity, or if he fails to complete the transaction, without the loss of the court’s right of charging him for the difference in the two prices as according to the law.

11. The Auction goes to the highest bidder after 10 days from the date when the auction end.

12. All requests and procedures are subject to the approval or refusal of the court. Luxury Auction is not responsible for the result of the submitted requests.

13. The Participant acknowledges that he is aware that item/ items brought by him/her and once the packaging is opened item will not be eligible for refund.

* The final acceptance regarding the bids will be made after 10 days in accordance with the Civil Law Procedures.

* All applications and procedures subject to the approval or rejection of Dubai Courts

* Luxury Auction do not take responsibilities regarding applications results

* Recent decisions of the Dubai courts apply in terms of accepting or rejecting offers

* Each bidder gets a unique user name for use on the website.

In the event of violation of the rules of the auction, or actions which resulted in loss of sale opportunity, or

* the value will be fully seized in the event of violation of the rules of the auction by the bidder which could result in missing the opportunity of sale, or in case that the bidder breached the completion of the transaction without prejudice to the right of the court to obligate the bidder to pay the difference of two prices in accordance with the law.

Online Deposit

* Security deposit (Blocking amount to participate in a bid) made online through a credit card will reflect in your auction account immediately and you will be able to bid, subject to the authorization of the transaction by master/visa.

* The security deposit amount held by Luxury Auction is 1,000 AED for Luxury Bags and 1,000 AED to Luxury Watches.. Luxury Auction has the right to capture/utilize/charge the authorized transaction of security deposit for non-payment, auction participation and defaulting payment after winning the assets. Luxury Auction reserves rights to capture/utilize/charge the authorized transaction upto 30days from the transaction authorization date. The customer will have no rights to dispute against the amount so captured/utilized/charged under any grounds. Auction charges or cancellation charges due to nonpayment of won assets will be at the discretion of Luxury Auction.